Andy Lawrence

andylawrence_headshouldersResearch Director for Eco-Efficient IT, The 451 Group

Andy Lawrence is the Research Director for Eco-Efficient IT at The 451 Group. He has a particular interest in how the energy use and carbon footprint of IT can be reduced: how IT can become more sustainable; the role of IT in improving energy distribution and management; and the role of markets and governments in enforcing or encouraging sustainable practices.

Mr Lawrence has advised many businesses on their green IT strategies, both suppliers and end-user organizations. He  also covers data center resource efficiency projects and is the Program Director for Uptime Institute Symposium 2011.  Mr Lawrence represents The 451 Group at the Green Grid, an international body devoted to improving data center efficiency, and leads eco-efficiency research for the European Union Optimis project, a multi-year European Union project design to enable businesses to select and deploy cloud services using criteria such as as cost, trust and eco-efficiency.

Before joining The 451 Group, Mr Lawrence was an influential editor and analyst, raising venture capital and co-founding London-based Infoconomy.  He was previously a director of ComputerWire, a global IT information service, and was the founding editorial director of London-based Computer Business Review magazine, and later the US magazine Global Technology Business, where he pioneered critical, in-depth business coverage of the IT industry.

Mr Lawrence is the author of several 451 Group reports, including:

  • Eco-Efficient IT: The Eco-Imperative and its Impact on Suppliers and Users, 2008-2012
  • Power Management - Managing and Monitoring IT Energy Use from the Desktop to the Datacenter
  • Eco-Efficient IT: Policy, Legislation & Compliance, 2008-2012
  • Datacenter Management and Energy-Efficiency Software, Jul 2009 - 2015


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