Symposium 2011 Program

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The Disrupted Data Center:
Cloud, Cost, Capacity and Carbon

In the coming five years, a series of major technological innovations, coupled with significant, external legislative and market disruptions, will make an ever greater impression on the planning, design and operation of data centers. The economics, the operational practices and the underlying design principles of data centers, and of IT service provision, may be about to undergo some fundamental, and disruptive shifts. For all stakeholders, there are great opportunities as well as challenges.

These innovations include:

  • the rapid development and adoption of cloud services;
  • the introduction of application and network level redundancy;
  • the increasing use of preconfigured, integrated data center modules, pods and containers
  • the greater use of automated asset, configuration and workload management
  • the widespread use of free air cooling, higher operating temperatures and chillerless data centers to save energy
  • the introduction and greater use of new technologies and techniques such as decentralized UPS, unified computing devices, and virtualized and power managed servers.

At the same time, energy security, operating costs and carbon reduction strategies are forcing a rethink of how energy is used and accounted for. Energy and carbon issues will be the special focus on Thursday, May 12: The Disrupted Enterprise: Efficiency, Energy and Carbon.

Uptime Institute Symposium is one of the landmark events on the data center and enterprise IT calendar, attracting thought-provoking keynote speakers from leading end-user organizations, pioneering users of technology, leading thinkers and opinion formers, and the support and involvement of leading suppliers.

NEW! Thursday Special Focus

On Thursday May 12, Symposium 2011 will focus on the intertwined issues of efficiency, energy use, and carbon management and compliance. 

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