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ADP Data Center: Optimizing Three-Phase Power Distribution for Higher Densities

Presenters: John Groen, Senior Director of Technical Services, ADP

Henry Hsu, Director, Power Management Accounts, Raritan

Tuesday, May 15, 2012
Grand Ballroom F
2:40-3:10 pm

ADP wanted to increase their compute performance and loads which included consolidation/migrations, virtualization, current growth and dealing with the limitations of their current data center designs. They wanted to reduce the physical footprint of their data centers while creating an extreme density environment while gaining greater operational agility and reliability and maintaining Tier IV resiliency.

This “best practices” presentation by representatives from ADP and Raritan will cover ADP’s need to meet business management’s demand for detailed and accurate power metering and management at the IT device. It will cover how ADP found that three-phase 208V delivering 15kW/cabinet was an ideal design. The session will discuss some of the anomalies and issues when metering current in three-phase power deployments. It will also present approaches to monitoring power consumption and practical, tactical methods to increase efficiencies.


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