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Symposium Program: Key Issues Addressed in 2014

The theme of Symposium 2014, "Empowering the Data Center Professional," speaks to the core purpose of Symposium: Providing attendees with the information to make better decisions for their organizations, and their careers. This multi-disciplinary event will bring together a diverse group of data center operators, designers and senior-level IT execs.


As such, the content of Uptime Institute Symposium will be organized into three tracks, tailored to the specific job roles within the data center community. Key issues that will be discussed in the presentations at Symposium 2014 include:
  • Increasingly, companies are outsourcing some part of their data center infrastructure. Symposium will help you evolve your role within your organization to procure services, perform due diligence and manage those relationships.
  • For many companies, DCIM adoption and implementation is an ongoing process. Symposium will provide you with the current shortlist on leading vendors, advice on procurement, and implementation strategies (and horror stories) from your peers in an interactive format.
  • Keeping track of shifting code and safety practices can be a huge challenge for data center operations teams. Stay up to date with the industry’s leading experts on these critically important issues, ask questions and take home the latest information.
  • For data center designers, staying abreast of new infrastructure technologies is key to being competitive on a global market. Symposium will provide you with comparative analysis of the vendors and approaches to advanced cooling technologies and alternative energy options.
  • An increasing percentage of data centers are adopting green certifications. In fact, 77% of the largest companies reported adopting USGBC’s LEED, EPA Energy Star, or EU Code of Conduct in the 2013 data center industry survey. Find out the costs, benefits, tradeoffs of the various green certification options from the professionals who have delivered and operated green-certified data centers.
  • A growing percentage of enterprise organizations are adopting cloud computing. 451 Researchers will provide the latest analysis of pricing methods, attributes and metrics in the cloud market, and explain how the various approaches might apply to your business needs.
  • For senior IT execs, aligning technology decisions to business demands is a critical challenge. At Symposium, the best minds in the industry to discuss the economic and technological factors that should be driving your Digital Infrastructure strategy, and give you a playbook for making effective IT investments.
  • Understanding cutting-edge IT technologies has a huge impact on capacity planning – 451 Research’s senior analysts have the latest information on software-defined networking, computing hardware advances, and advanced server virtualization. Attend Symposium and have your questions answered.

The sessions at Uptime Institute Symposium 2014 will inform and inspire you to apply your new knowledge within your organization, providing significant return on your investment.

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