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rf_code_logoRF Code is a leading provider of wire-free environmental and power monitoring and real-time IT asset tracking solutions. Based on award-winning active RFID technology, solutions consist of asset tags and/or environmental sensors, active readers and software that manages the tracking and monitoring of data. Offerings are the most affordable, easiest to deploy solutions available. Moreover, they are easily integrated into a customer's existing technology infrastructure, enabling data centers, IT personnel, facilities, building professionals and others to cost-effectively leverage information RF Code captures. Our wire-free environmental and power monitoring solutions eliminate the need for expensive-to-purchase, install and maintain wired, wireless or mesh network approaches. Wire-free also means the flexibility to easily install environmental and power monitoring anywhere in the data center. Solutions consist of sensors that monitor temperature, humidity, fluid detection, rack temperature, power utilization of PDUs, asset access and more; readers that capture sensor data; and Sensor Manager software, which provides alerts, reports and more. By fully automating the asset tracking process, RF Code's real-time asset tracking solutions reduce the time and cost of tracking and managing distributed IT and data center assets, down to the rack level. Customers get 100% accurate, up-to-the-minute, on-demand information about what assets they have, where they are located and when they move. Solutions consist of a variety of asset tags, active readers that capture the location and movement information, and Asset Manager software that manages the tracking data. RF Code is also a leader in providing technology used by third parties to enhance their offerings.

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