The Green Grid

the-green-gridThe Green Grid is a non-profit, open industry consortium of end-users, policy-makers, technology providers, facility architects, and utility companies collaborating to improve the resource efficiency of data centers and business computing ecosystems. With more than 175 member companies around the world, The Green Grid seeks to unite global industry efforts, create a common set of metrics, and develop technical resources and educational tools to further its goals.

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The Green Grid Resources
White Paper
Data Center Maturity Model
The Data Center Maturity Model outlines capability descriptors by area to benchmark current performance and identify necessary steps in order to achieve greater energy efficiency.
White paper Carbon Usage Effectiveness (CUE); A Green Grid Data Center Sustainability Metric White Paper
This white paper introduces the carbon usage effectiveness (CUE) metric and addresses data center-specific carbon emissions.
White Paper Water Usage Effectiveness(WUE): A Green Grid Data Center Sustainability Metric
The water usage effectiveness (WUE) metric enables data center operators to quickly assess the water, energy, and carbon sustainability aspects of their data centers.
White Paper Understanding and Engaging Utility Incentive Programs
This white paper provides an overview of elements common to most utility incentive programs.
Tool Power Usage Effectiveness Estimator
The Power Usage Effectiveness Estimator will allow you to enter data on the estimated power usage and properly estimate the PUE of the facility.

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