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About Uptime Institute Symposium

The Uptime Institute Symposium is an annual spring event that brings together industry stakeholders in enterprise IT, finance, executive management, data center facilities, and corporate real estate to deal with the critical issues surrounding enterprise computing. At Symposium, the best minds in the business meet to share knowledge and discuss how the IT industry can meet its collective goals of performance, availability, energy efficiency, and profitability.

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The Uptime Institute Symposium has a history of bringing critical industry trends to the attention of the IT and data center industry. The game-changing presentations are consistently controversial and challenging. Previous keynote speakers include: 

  • Tom Friedman, Pulitzer Prize-winning author and New York Times columnist 
  • Nick Carr, Pulitzer Prize nominee and best-selling author
  • Amory Lovins, Chairman of the Rocky Mountain Institute
  • Senior IT executives from elite data center operations, including Google, Facebook, eBay, Amazon, Deutsche Bank, Microsoft, AOL, and many more 
  • Leaders from global environmental organizations, including Greenpeace, The U.S. Green Building Council, Environmental Defense Fund, and The Green Grid 

Since 2006, the mission of Uptime Institute Symposium has been to continuously increase uptime and global IT productivity through benchmarking and collaborative learning. Over the years, the Institute focused on identifying practical, immediate data center design and operations improvements that yield significant energy savings without capital expenditure, and offering strategies for breaking down the organizational barriers that undermine progress.

Uptime Institute Symposium has been a driving force for progress in Green Enterprise IT – challenging the largest data center operators in the world to deal with runaway energy consumption, making IT energy efficiency a C-level issue, and providing the platform that launched The Green Grid. 

In recent years, the data center industry has dramatically improved its efficiency. While Uptime Institute retains its focus and commitment to Green Enterprise IT, many organizations are facing a new challenge in this difficult economic climate – supporting rapidly growing IT services with shrinking staff and budget.

In order to meet those demands, most organizations are turning to cloud or multi-tenant data center providers, in addition to deploying and managing their own data centers. Uptime Institute has defined this hybrid system of IT, facilities and third-party services Digital Infrastructure. But managing Digital Infrastructure poses its own unique challenges.

Uptime Institute Symposium helps data center professionals reach out across different divisions within their organization’s IT infrastructures, and to understand the costs and financial structures that support their organizations. The event also educates executives on how to broker outside IT services in the cloud and multi-tenant data center space, and to be educated advocates for their internal services. 

Uptime Institute Symposium calls on IT and facilities executives to develop a common language, meaningful metrics, and cross-disciplinary skills to meet rapidly evolving computing demands. Symposium attendees dive deep into expert content in their specific areas of focus, and the insight they gain at this event shapes their organizations’ future success.

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