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Uptime Institute Symposium 2014: Empowering the Data Center Professional

Uptime Institute Symposium is the data center industry’s leading knowledge-sharing event, providing new expert insight from Uptime Institute staff and 451 Research Analysts, and peer experience from elite data center operations teams from around the globe.

The theme for this year, "Empowering the Data Center Professional," speaks to the core purpose of Symposium: Providing attendees with the information to make better decisions for their organizations, and their careers.

Featured Sessions at Symposium 2014
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This is a multi-disciplinary event, bringing together a diverse group of data center operators, designers and senior-level IT execs.

As such, the content of Uptime Institute Symposium will be organized into three tracks, tailored to the specific job roles within the data center community.

Learn more about the Symposium 2014 program.

First Brill Awards Winners Showcase Innovative Projects in Data Center Efficiency

Uptime Institute is pleased to announce the winners of the first annual Brill Awards for Efficient IT. Based on evaluation by a panel of expert judges, these 18 projects best exhibited efficiency in data center and IT operations.

Submissions for the Brill Awards came from 19 countries, in five categories: Data Center Design; Facilities Management; Operational Data Center Upgrade; IT Systems Efficiency; and Product Solutions. In addition to recognizing 15 regional winners in these categories, the Brill Awards program has honored three projects with Global Leadership Awards. 

The Brill Awards seeks to showcase companies and technologies that improve the industry's ability to sustainably deliver IT services to end users. This mission of knowledge-sharing and innovation honors the legacy of Uptime Institute’s late founder Ken Brill, after whom the program is named. 

In addition to a VIP dinner for honorees and judges, Symposium 2014 will feature several Brill Awards Case Study presentations, and many winners will be on-hand to discuss their winning projects.

See all Brill Awards winners. 

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