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Uptime Institute Symposium 2015
Efficient IT: Innovation for Managing & Reducing Resource Consumption in the Data Center

For many companies, the data center is the biggest corporate energy consumer, and efficiency and sustainability are becoming fundamental standards in the future of data center development and operation. Data center operators continue to develop energy-efficiency programs and plan to increase investment in these initiatives, because efficient data centers reduce costs and resource usage across utilities, staff, capital, and time.

The time is now for organizations to develop their data center strategies to address converging IT infrastructure and innovations in design, power, and cooling, alongside the opportunity to leverage third parties and, of course, the cloud.

But how can you develop effective strategies and ensure you make the correct decisions? How can you ensure you have the insight to plan effectively? How do you correct the path when inheriting ineffective decisions? What are the data center innovations you should consider and adopt?

At Uptime Institute Symposium, we'll share our holistic Efficient IT Assessment approach that can help you identify energy drains and improve the IT efficiency of your compute infrastructure. We will challenge attendees to implement innovations and to embrace the mission of Uptime Institute to improve IT efficiency and uptime.

The following topics are major focus areas for 2015:

  • Data center management & governance
  • Efficient IT and the impact on data center strategies
  • DCIM software and the need for transparency across all data center resources
  • Data center design innovations and the considerations for deployment of the modular data center


 Application Period for the 2015 Brill Awards Program Is Now Open


The Brill Awards seeks to showcase companies and technologies that improve the industry's ability to sustainably deliver IT services to end users. This mission of knowledge-sharing and innovation honors the legacy of Uptime Institute's late founder Ken Brill, after whom the program is named. 

Uptime Institute has now issued a call for entries for the 2015 Brill Awards program. The Brill Awards are open to anyone charged with building, designing, funding, or operating a data center or IT program anywhere in the world. Visit Uptime Institute's website for more information and to apply.

See the 2014 Brill Awards winners.  

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